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Unlock the power of the mind by understanding it.

Here at a Healthy Earth we want you to unlock your full potential by understanding every inch of your mind. The road is not going to be easy. There are things your are going to give up. But if you see the logic in living a life based in reality then what arises is freedom, no fear, no anxiety, no relationship issues, no hate or prejudice. What arise is a mind without limits.

Begin with truth

I like the saying: The truth will set you free. Because in fact truth brings freedom. And I'm talking about objective truth. Not subjective. Whether you see it or not, belief brings misery and pain. A mind touched by belief is a compromised one; an insecure one.

Live freely

By the time I get done with you, you will be completely free. Right now you may not be. You may be chained to someone or some belief or idea. That's fine. Most people are. But then again most people aren't free. To live freely is to live without chains: body, mind, spirit.

Help change the world by first changing you.




Cure insecurity

You can free yourself from insecurity. And I'm not talking partial insecurity but to completely cure yourself from the confines of all insecurity. It is possible.

Gain inner peace

Inner peace occurs when your mind is rid of all conflict. That can be done. But first you must understand the mind. Understand how it works, what creates fear and anger. And you must understand belief.

Be truly happy

AHappiness is a mind without boundaries - complete freedom. To be not attached to a belief, a person or an idea. When you have freedom you aren't plagued by fear. I can help you overcome that fear by understanding it.

Change the world

Once you change yourself, you've already changed the world. Most people try to start with outside sources first in hopes that changing them will change the world. That's not how it works. Start with you.



The Natural State

There is a natural, normal state to every mind in the world. I call it the "natural state" (pretty clever, right?). And in that mental state we are calm, curious, attentive, observant, kind, compassionate, understanding and happy. This is ground zero for the mind - the state we were born with: a completley secure mind. And normally we don't get to see a mind in its natural state because most people are nuerotic, anxious, depressed, sad, lonely, terrified, confused or obsessed. The only time we see our natural states are in children. The difference between a child and an adult is belief. A child doesn't have beliefs; they have truths. Through the eyes of a child there is only reality - only truths. An adult on the other hand is riddled with belief, either learned through society or created. And belief is the sole creator of all your problems.



There is truth and then there is belief. Truth is what is real - what can be perceived through our senses - touch, smell, taste, sight, or sound. Belief is an opinion or idea that isn't true but you think it is. You've committed to it already. The issue with belief is that the mind only deals with truth. It feeds on truth like how we breathe air. If you feed it belief you create stress. And this stress takes the form in many ways: loneliness, anxiety, sorrow, obsession, depression, fear, guilt, confusion, etc. Belief is solely responsible for school shootings, for plane bombings, for suicides and rapes and murders. Belief causes depression and loneliness and heart ache and obsession. Ultimately belief creates an unstable mind. This is why it is so important to your mental health as well as the health of every human being on this planet that we know the dangers of belief, and what it has done. Although you have picked up quite a number of beliefs you can always change. The mind prefers truth over belief - and you need to show your mind just how false those beliefs are in the first place. When you do then you'd be free of insecurity.

The Dangers of Belief

From relationships to fear and love - we got you covered

Here at A Healthy Earth we do our best to cover every basis of the mind. The articles are meant to be informative. I do my best to divvy the website into sensible parts. So please browse through. Start where ever you want. There really isn't any process to understand truth.

The mind is vast so its sensible to know beforehand that tons of topics aren't covered. I'm sorry for that. I'm working on it. These topics are very difficult to write. So I imagine they may be difficult to read and understand. If they are then you can always contact me.

World of Relationships

In relationships, I explore what it means to be in a relationship. Not what others think it means. But what a relationship is, objectively. I explore love, the different kinds of relationships, why relationships break down and what you can do about it. Topics include fear and the role it plays; expectation and belief; and examines relationships down to the bone.

Explore Truth

Live truthfully is a phrase not many live by. Explore just what it means to live a life of truth. It is a completely different world than the one you currently are use to. And it will change you. Everything will change, down to your relationships and how you see religion. Peace, meditation, forgiveness, unconditional love - all comes from living truthfully.

Inquire into your life

Ask the questions you never thought asking. I can help. I live for unraveling the mind so the questions I've come up with are important to ask yourself. It's not going to be a walk in the park. Because what you could be suffering from is a result from a belief you may treasure. But if you're honest, ask those questions and see where they lead.

Why Believe?

Instead of asking what do you believe in, I ask: why believe at all? It's not a question you'd hear. Most of us think we have to believe in something...and we don't. In fact belief is the sole cause of all the suffering in this world. Not just religious belief, but belief spanning our relationships, love, work, health, and other aspects of life. See the dangers.

Span your Mind

Have you ever wondered what the human condition is? Is it all those things that make us human - the fear, loneliness, violence, and the compassion, love and goodness we hold within us. The mind houses all of that. And it is within the mind that your happiness is buried. Help me help you unravel it so you can bring it out and share it with the world.

Examine Health

What can I say about health that the MDs haven't? Well I can bring to light some of the things - common sense really - that you may have missed. I could point out what some of the overlooked doctors have said about health and bring them into the spotlight for you. It's all about sharing what we know so we could live healthy lives.

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