Regain Your Natural Mental State.



There is a natural, normal state to every mind in the world. I call it the "natural state" (pretty clever, right?). And in that mental state we are calm, curious, attentive, observant, kind, compassionate, understanding and happy. This is ground zero for the mind - the state we were born with: a completley secure mind. And normally we don't get to see a mind in its natural state because most people are nuerotic, anxious, depressed, sad, lonely, terrified, confused or obsessed. The only time we see our natural states are in children.

The difference between a child and an adult is belief. A child doesn't have beliefs; they have truths. Through the eyes of a child there is only reality - only truths. An adult on the other hand is riddled with belief, either learned through society or created. Belief is the sole creator of all your problems.


Belief Creates an Unstable Mind.


There is truth and then there is belief. Truth is what is real - what can be perceived through our senses - touch, smell, taste, sight, or sound. Belief is an opinion or idea that isn't true but you think it is. You've committed to it already. The issue with belief is that the mind only deals with truth. It feeds on truth like how we breathe air. If you feed it belief you create stress. And this stress takes the form in many ways: loneliness, anxiety, sorrow, obsession, depression, fear, guilt, confusion, etc.

Belief is solely responsible for school shootings, for plane bombings, for suicides and rapes and murders.

Belief causes depression and loneliness and heart ache and obsession.

Ultimately belief creates an unstable mind.

This is why it is so important to your mental health as well as the health of every human being on this planet that we know the dangers of belief, and what it has done. Although you have picked up quite a number of beliefs you can always change. The mind prefers truth over belief - and you need to show your mind just how false those beliefs are in the first place. When you do then you'd be free of insecurity.

How can You Overcome Insecurity?

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